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Paraments are much more than mere decoration, they connect us to the Divine.  Paraments tell the story of not only our Faith, but that of the Worship Community they are used in. Because of the uniqueness of each altar and Sacred Space, all paraments are custom orders.  There are several different styles; an Antependium hangs in the middle of the altar and is square in shape; a Super Frontal is the length of the altar front and hangs down approximately 12-14"; a Full Frontal is the length of the altar and hangs down to the floor; a Full Frontal can also be a Tripitaka as pictured on the altar above.  There may also be a parament used on the Lectern and Pulpit.  Custom paraments start at $50 per square foot and can increase depending on the intricacy of the design.  Please allow 10-12 weeks for delivery. Contact Jenna to discuss ideas, sizing, and other options for your Sacred Space!  Need inspiration?  Take a tour through the Virtual Galleries!

All Paraments are custom pieces.  Each made for a specific worship community.

Patterns for these pieces are NOT available.

Custom Parament Galleries
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