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Gifts from God

It has been my experience that God gives us not one, but several gifts. As we journey along the path He has set for us, these gifts are developed until the day we receive that one calling Paul writes about in Ephesians.

We don’t always associate a skill or talent to produce something tangible as a spiritual gift, although if we thought about it, there is an element of spirituality in our every day lives. We don’t always recognize God’s gifts even as He is developing them in us.

When I began quilting 30 years ago, I did not think of it as a gift from God. I learned most of my needlework skills from my grandmothers. It was a skill that had been passed down through generations in our family. When I graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Accounting, I was thinking about seeking my fortune, not that God was helping me to develop another gift. Even in raising my kids, God has developed gifts; kindness, discipline and patience to name but a few.

Working with color, design, fabric and thread allows me to express my faith in a tangible way. The gifts that God has so graciously given me spark a passion to create and a thirst to share that creation with others. God inspires me through Scripture, Creation, and the rich symbolism of the Church. My artwork is intended to enhance the beauty of the worship space (being created specifically for that space) and to provide a visual message for the worship experience. Broadly stated, the design elements and colors offer a visual interpretation of God’s love for all of us, although every individual connects with my art in their own way; through their own faith experiences.

I am constantly in awe of God; His timing, His inspiration, His creation, His power, His love. To know that my work adorns sacred spaces is humbling indeed. Using my artistic gifts for His glory is the highest calling I could ever answer.

God's Peace be with you,


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