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It all begins with a conversation...

Custom work is the heart and soul of Cottonpatch Designs, and it all begins with a conversation about enhancing the worship experience through visual art.

Each sacred space is different and each community that worships in that space is unique.

Custom work should reflect those differences and enhance the sacred space it is designed for. The design elements and colors offer a visual interpretation of God's story, creation, and love for us, although each person in the community will connect with the art in their own way, based on their own faith experiences.

Out of this conversation, and taking into consideration the sacred space and community the art is intended for, ideas are developed. Once the basic ideas for design and season are established, Jenna provides pencil sketches (done by hand) to the client. These can then be modified until the client has exactly what they are looking for. The next step is to deliver a color sketch (also done

by hand) and fabric swatches. The client also has the opportunity here to modify design/color. When the final artwork is approved, construction can begin!

Jenna uses only the highest quality cotton, silk and satin fabrics. Threads used in piecing, applique, and quilting are all premium quality and include long staple Egyptian cotton, polyester with a beautiful sheen, the finest silk, and sparkling metallic! Each custom piece is patiently and lovingly created, guaranteeing the highest level of quality craftmanship.


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