Seasonal-Custom Banners 

Custom Seasonal Banners tell the story of Christ.  Oftentimes, a seasonal banner is commissioned to go with a set of custom paraments.  Contact Jenna for more information and pricing. 

Advent Banner-Grace
Advent Banner-Palm Valley
Christmas Banner-Grace
Christmas Banner-Peace
Christmas Banner-Palm Valley
Epiphany Banner-Grace
Lent Banner-Grace
Lent Banner 1-Peace
Lent Banner 2-Peace
Baptismal Banner-St. Peter
Easter Banner-Holy Trinity
Baptismal Banner-Zion
Easter Banner-Peace
Easter Banner-Grace
Pentecost Banner-Grace
Ordinary Time Banner-St. Peter
Ordinary Time Banner-Grace
Ordinary Time Banner-St. John
Ordinary Time Banners-Trinity
Reformation Banner-Grace
Christ the King Banner-Grace
White Festival Banner 1-Peace
White Festival Banner 2-Peace
White Festival Banner-Our Redeemer

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Jenna is a world renowned liturgical textile artist and pattern designer.  Contact her for custom designed clergy stoles, chasubles, deacon's stoles, paraments, and banners.

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