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When I began this work in 2001, I didn't imagine it would blossom into what is has become today.  I've always loved color, symbols, design, fabric and thread.  Putting this all together was just plain fun!  However, God had something much more important in mind. Working with color, design, fabric and thread allows me to express my faith in a tangible way.  The gifts that God has so graciously given me spark a passion to create and a thirst to share that creation with others. God inspires me through Scripture, Creation, and the rich symbolism of the Church.  My artwork is intended to enhance the beauty of the worship space (being created specifically for that space) and to provide a visual message for the worship experience. Broadly stated, the design elements and colors offer a visual interpretation of God’s love for all of us, although every individual connects with my art in their own way; through their own faith experiences.


Jenna is a renowned Liturgical Textile Artist and pattern designer. Her custom work lives in Africa, India, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, the UK, Canada, Honduras, and in countless churches throughout the United States.  Cottonpatch Designs patterns can be found in the hands of happy quilters across the United States and abroad.  Her art quilts have been featured in exhibitions at the Diocesan Fine Arts Gallery and the Cana Gallery in Austin, Texas.

When not in her studio, Jenna is an avid cyclist.  She also enjoys kayaking, hiking and birding with her husband Scott. They live in Round Rock, Texas.  They have four children and one grandson.


Jenna is a member of the American Quilters Society, International Quilt Association, The Association of Consultants for Liturgical Space, and Artists Celebrating Christ.

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